Spotlight: Pink Dogwood Jewelry

Shopping at arts & crafts festivals is one of my favorite past-times, particularly those fairs that showcase antique/vintage pieces, unusual jewelry, repurposed wares, etc. Here in South Carolina’s Upstate, we have a nice assortment of these festivals throughout the year…Farm Fresh Fair & Market in Fountain Inn and the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville…just to name a few.

I first met Nan Faulkner of Pink Dogwoods Jewelry at the Farm Fresh Fair. I was smitten with her bejeweled works of art from the very beginning and over the years, I’ve collected her pieces from various festivals.

My personal collection of Pink Dogwood Jewelry by Sadie Seasongoods /

My personal collection of Pink Dogwood Jewelry.

And since I’m a huge fan of hers, I wanted to dig deeper into her story and spotlight her enterprise here on Sadie Seasongoods.

If you were on Twitter and had to describe Pink Dogwoods in 140 characters, what would you say?

Pink Dogwoods Jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind treasures that marry vintage grace and craftsmanship with modern style.

Are there certain “bits” that you particularly love to work with?

I adore rhinestone shoe clips from the 1930s and ‘40s.  The idea of owning a pair of classic black satin or red heels with dozens of shoe clip options makes me giddy.  The curved shape of a shoe clip often makes it ideal for a “reimagined” bracelet.

Do you fall in love with your pieces as you create them? I might be seduced into keeping instead of selling them!

For sure – I have to constantly remind myself that I’m trying to grow a business (not grow my personal jewelry wardrobe). I’ve kept at least a dozen necklaces in the last year or so.  I do think that regularly wearing my pieces is essential to advertising my brand.  The first few times I received compliments I was too nervous to say that they were my own creations!  

Do you envision a completed piece when you find the bits? Or is it more spontaneously created when you sit down in your workshop?

When I find a treasure, all I know is that it will “work.”  There are so many gorgeous jewels from the last century that make my eyes sparkle, but not every piece will work with my aesthetic and techniques. I see a brooch or pair of vintage earrings and I know that I can transform it into something extra special but I never know if it will be a necklace, bracelet, cuff or ring. 

Being a vendor at so many festivals must be an overwhelming challenge. How do you maintain your enthusiasm and energy?

The week before an event, I’m always in hyper creative mode.  There’s something about the excitement and pressure of prepping my display/booth that usually results in 15-20 new pieces. But once I pack up after the show, my mannequins and tools will remain in the trunk of my car for at least a week – I’m too exhausted to create.

So, favorite fabulous pieces- let’s see some photos!

Vintage brooches on leather cuffs by Pink Dogwood Jewelry /

Talk about cuff couture…


Vintage rhinestone jewelry reimagined by Pink Dogwood Jewelry /

Necklaces…so many to choose from!


Repurposed Cluster Jewelry Box Bracelets by Pink Dogwood Jewelry /

Jewelry Box Bracelets- some of my favorites!


Vintage jewelry reimagined by Pink Dogwood Jewelry /

More gorgeous pieces- cuffs and rings.

For those of us that need a fix, how can we acquire your gorgeous baubles?

Once the 2013 holiday season wrapped up, I focused most of my efforts on brainstorming new ideas and photographing pieces for Etsy.  Click over to the Pink Dogwoods Jewelry Etsy Shop to purchase my newest treasures.  I also host monthly flash sales on Facebook – it’s fast, it’s furious, it’s loads of fun! And it’s a great way to connect with my fans who can’t attend shows or shop locally.  Speaking of local shopping, Pink Dogwoods Jewelry is available at Urban Digs in Greenville, SC.  I also host trunk shows at Two Doors Down in downtown Spartanburg, SC. I’m definitely looking to expand to other retailers in the southeast and beyond.

What else should we know about Pink Dogwoods?

I adore creating custom pieces, especially bridal collections.  Last year I created bridesmaid necklaces from vintage chandelier crystals and right now I’m working on a vintage rhinestone brooch bouquet.  So many people have family heirlooms that sit in a drawer unworn.  I love to bring them to life. Inquiries can be made via Etsy, Facebook or inbox/email at

I’m prepping now for the first market event of the season at The Vintage Market at the Park in downtown Greer, SC on May 10.  On June 14, I’ll be at the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market in Charlotte, NC. And fingers crossed…I’ll be at a phenomenal outdoor event in Fountain Inn, SC later this summer.


No lie, all I want to do is shop her Etsy store- There is ALWAYS room in my life for new Pink Dogwoods Jewelry. I hope you’ll check out the Pink Dogwoods website, Facebook page, and Etsy store- you won’t be sorry. AND…for Sadie Seasongoods fans, use the code “SADIE10” to receive a 10% discount at the Pink Dogwoods Jewelry Etsy Shop through the end of April!!!

I get more compliments when I wear my Pink Dogwoods creations…and sometimes have to jockey for position at her festival booths just to see what’s for sale! Our southern sun and red clay grow some amazing talent.

Shine on!




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