Contemporary Ideal House

This Contemporary Ideal House will fully satisfy the housing needs of 4-person family. If, however, in the world there will be more children or family members will need additional premises for office, studio or guest rooms, the ideal solution would be non-usable attic, which at any time can be adapted for residential purposes.

System house AC Simon G2 was divided between the usable space of the ground floor and attic wasteland forming an open area designed to adapt at any time. They located at the bottom of both the living area with open kitchen to the living room and part of the night, in which there are two smaller rooms for children and a large master bedroom. The project is scheduled one bathroom and an extra toilet. Complement the residential part is a spacious garage and boiler room, which can also act as a utility room.

This Contemporary Ideal House for future adaptation should be prepared on the basis of the design and architectural adaption at any time. Already at the design stage, the architect selects the slope of the roof, the height of a dwarf wall and roof truss structural system. It is worth remembering that the surface slants measured not on the floor, but depending on the height of the interior.

Contemporary Ideal House 1

Contemporary Ideal House 2

Contemporary Ideal House 3

Contemporary Ideal House 4

Contemporary Ideal House 5


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