A Luxurious Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji

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With the clear advantage of being located in such a wonderful place, full of beautiful landscapes and spectacular views over the blue and infinite sea, this villa serves as refuge to relieve us of the stress of the day to day.

It is located in Taveuni, known as the Garden Island, and it is an eco-tourist’s dream with nearby nature reserves harboring an abundance of native plants and wildlife. Taveuni is the fifth-largest island in Fiji, famous for its warm, crystal-clear waters. Combining soft and hard corals, brilliant colors and diverse marine life, the diving off Taveuni Island is truly spectacular.
The island is covered in tropical rainforest, and surrounded by tropical reefs with some of the world’s best dive sites.

From the various terraces of this amazing construction, we can see wonderful sunsets as well as the green landscape full of palm trees and colorful flowers that surround it and give it an air of joy.

Raiwasa Grand Villa 01 850x484 A Luxurious Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji
View of the villa through the vegetation
Raiwasa Grand Villa 02 850x510 A Luxurious Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji
Beautiful terraces that offer us rest

Its infinity pools add a romantic touch to the sunset.

Wonderful sunset views from the terraces
Views of the sea from the terraces
Wonderful sunset views from the terraces


Wonderful sunset views from the terraces

Its very neat bedrooms offer us the opportunity to enjoy the exterior from inside the building, thanks to its long glass doors that connect us with the wonderful landscapes.

Bedroom with exterior view
Bedroom with exterior view

Its bathrooms, with stone walls and open spaces, allow us to enjoy nature even in the most reserved moments.

Bathroom open to the sky

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