The Mono Sink: A Modern Minimalist Sink with Impressive Function

The Mono Sink: A Modern Minimalist Sink with Impressive Function

As different design styles arises for the home, even kitchen fixtures changed its look too and became available in a variety of design. Of course, what is included here are kitchen sinks. I know you have seen oval kitchen sinks and edgy ones. But today, we will show you something unique with a modern minimal look.

This modern sink is called the Mono Sink. It is a kitchen sink with functional characteristics expressing a minimal amount of lines and bevels. Because of this design, it is easy to clean and care for. Its look really fits a modern kitchen especially that it is neat and sleek. It would be an interesting feature to a modern or contemporary kitchen.

This is the sleek and beautiful kitchen sink. Very nice, right?

Haifa, Israel
It is manufactured out of Cristadur, an innovational material, that creates the pleasant sensations with each touch and has better working characteristics.

Mono Sink
Every detail of it is designed really well and have a good purpose.

Modern Minimalist Sink
Because of the material used for it, it looks very gorgeous.

But it has a secret. One side is an outlet that could manage maximum water flow rate.

Impressive FunctionMono Sink
These are the technical drawings of the Mono Sink.

under sink
Pictured here is the bottom of the sink which is indeed neat too.

Haifa Jonathan Dar
The Mono Sink is one special sink we all want to have!

But I guess this one is really expensive becuase of its materials and design. I also like the feature of this Mono Sink where water can go to the other side when it overflows. This would be helpful especially if you have many dishes or fruits to wash! And of course, its beautiful design is a plus!

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