Como Loft, by JM Architecture

When an old monastery located around the city of Como, Italy, was being remodelled and converted into a residential complex, two adjacent units have been connected to form this duplex apartment. The shape of the original units is clearly enhanced by the different pitched ceiling direction as well as by their different heights. The main idea was to keep the shell intact, maintaining the entire length of the unit open and invading the space minimally. By JM Architecture.

Como Loft 01

Como Loft 02Como Loft 03Como Loft 04Como Loft 05Como Loft 06Como Loft 07Como Loft 08Como Loft 09Como Loft 10Como Loft 11Como Loft 12Como Loft 13Como Loft 14Como Loft 15Como Loft 16Como Loft 17Como Loft 18Como Loft 19Como Loft 20Como Loft 21Como Loft 22

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