diy project: entryway coat hooks

i’m a big, big fan of diy projects that call for only a few materials and make use of odd space. put them both together and you’ve got my dream project. so i was thrilled when julia crawford sent in this simple but beautiful diy project from her entryway. by simply taping off a small area with painter’s tape and then filling the square with her color of choice, she created a coat-rack area without the bulk of an actual coat track. after the paint dried julia hung “mr. and mrs. hang up” hooks ($15) and called it a day. not bad for a project that makes such great use of otherwise un-used space. i’d love to play with this idea and test out a painted pattern, wall vinyl or even wallpaper square (capped off with a molding square made from wood at the hardware store). thanks to julia for sharing- if you need more detailed steps just click here or “read more” below for directions.


materials needed:

1. painter’s tape (the blue kind)
2. paint (size depends on the space you plan to paint. for most medium spaces a quart should be enough)
3. hooks (as many as you’d like to hang)
4. screws + screwdriver


1. use the painter’s tape to mark off a space in your desired size and shape. make sure your shape is level and even and then secure tape.

2. paint the interior of your taped shape with your desired paint shade. i’d suggest two-three thin coats to prevent bleeding through the tape.

3. once dried, mark the placement of your hooks and screw into place. ta-da!

notes: you can always replace the painting idea with a square of wallpaper cut to size or perhaps even add a decorative frame (thrift-stores are a good source for fun old baroque-style mirrors) around the painted square to add even more detail.


-painter’s tape: $1- $2
-paint: $15-$20 depending on brand and amount
-screws: $0.05 to $0.10 a piece depending on type (if not provided with your hooks)
-hooks: anywhere from $1 each to $20 each depending on what type you get. i love anthropologie‘s hooks when i need something decorative.

total: $20-$40 depending on hooks and paint type.


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