Nobuo Araki Designs a Concrete Home in the Kanagawa Prefecture

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Located on the coast of the Kanagawa prefecture, which is part of the Kantō Region on the island of Honshu, in Japan, and is the most populated prefecture in the country after Tokyo, this two-storey holiday home is embedded on the coastal slope where the ocean and the rocks meet. The scenic location is a calm respite for the owner and his family to retreat to during the weekends and holidays. The project was completed by Nobuo Araki / the archetype.

The structure, made out of concrete, looks impressive as it rises up through its three levels on the hillside and looks towards the sea through the thick vegetation that surrounds it, taking advantage of the fantastic views from its location.

Nobuo Araki positions weekend house 01 Nobuo Araki Designs a Concrete Home in the Kanagawa Prefecture
Front view of building on the hill
Nobuo Araki positions weekend house 02 Nobuo Araki Designs a Concrete Home in the Kanagawa Prefecture
Entrance where we can see the concrete walls and the door in black
Sea view from the lot

Its interior has wide open spaces that allow the air to flow, and the exterior is integrated into the interior so the views and the fresh sea air can be enjoyed in an atmosphere of perfect relaxation.

Its beautiful polished wooden floors contrast with the rustic concrete walls and create a wonderful effect.

The stairs, in a combination of wood and black metal, are bathed by natural light that seeps in through its open space.

Interior stairs in wood
Spacious living room with hardwood floors and concrete walls


Living room with view of the sea
Spacious and bright space with stairs in the background

The bathroom, another example of the perfect combination of modern accessories with the rusticity of its surroundings, creates a perfectly balanced space.

Bathroom with modern fittings and walls of concrete



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